We own and operate an Optech 3100EA altm sensor which is capable of operating at 100kHz and recording up to four returns for each laser pulse sent out. This give us the ability to record both the top of canopy as well as the ground below it in the same pulse.

Optech 3100EA ALTM LiDAR system

ALTM 3100EA Laser Specs
Operating Altitude 80m - 3500m nominal
Scan Angle variable from 0 to +/-25 degrees
Swath Width variable from 0 to 0.93 x altitude
intensity capture 12 bit dynamic range for each pulse
Laser Class Class IV (FDA 21 CFR)
Laser rep rate
500m altitude
33kHz <5cm <10cm <15cm <20cm
50kHz <5cm <10cm <15cm N/A
70kHz <10cm <10cm <15cm N/A
100kHz <10cm <10cm N/A N/A
operating range -10 degrees Celcius to +35 Celcius


Our sensor features an integrated Rollei 22MP digital back medium format camera with 4 color channels for infrared capabilities as well as color.

Rollei 22megapixel camera

LMSI owns and operates several planes that the sensor can be mounted in depending on the job.

Piper Aztec

Piper Navajo

Cessna 206